CSL 2022

February 14-19, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen

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General Instructions for Speakers and Session Chairs

The following instructions apply to session chairs and all speakers: invited speakers, Ackermann Award speakers, contributed speakers.

Before the conference, make sure you have the Zoom application, a working video camera and a microphone without feedback or other noise interference. Please note that using Zoom in the browser leads often to problems, so this should be avoided.

Very important: speakers and session chairs must join the CSL Zoom meeting, using the Zoom application, 15 minutes before the start of your session (not your talk!). This is in order to check technology and to agree matters of protocol such as how time warnings and questions will be handled.

Speakers and chairs will be made co-hosts of the Zoom meeting (for the duration of their duties).

Both invited and contributed CSL speakers are requested to attend “Speakers’ Corner” in the CSL 2022 social space on WorkAdventure (central park of the map), during the break immediately following the session containing their talk. The numbered spots in the center of the Workadventure map are for the speakers from the session in the order the talks were given. The purpose of this request is to facilitate interested members of the audience being able to find you to speak with you.

Instructions for contributed-talk speakers

The talk should be around 20 minutes in length to allow time for questions and speaker changeover.

The first 5 minutes of each talk should aim to make the contribution of the paper intelligible to the general CSL audience.

Live presentations will be given by the speaker from their Zoom account via shared screen and must use software that is installed locally on their computer.

Instructions for invited speakers and Ackermann awardees

Invited/prize talks will be given live by the speaker from their Zoom account via shared screen and must use software that is installed locally on their computer.

As an invited talk, please aim to make a good portion of the talk intelligible to the general CSL audience.

Please aim for a talk length of 50 minutes (CSL invited talks) or 45 minutes (Ackermann Award talks) to allow time for an introduction/laudation before the talk and for questions after the talk.
(Please respect the request above to attend the Zoom session 15-minutes before the start.)

Instructions for workshop speakers

The same instructions given above for contributed speakers and invited speakers apply to the workshop speakers.

For LMW:
1. testing the environment for the speakers before lunch is done between 10 and 10:30.
2. testing the environment for the speakers after lunch is done between 13 and 13:30.

For LCC: the general rules regarding the CSL speakers apply.

Instructions for session chairs

Session chairs act as the interface between speakers and audience, and have the usual responsibilities of keeping the session on time, and fielding (and asking) questions to the speaker.

The session chair will be assisted by two local (University of Göttingen) participants: the technical host and their backup.

(The technical host is responsible for getting the Zoom session running. It will be live at least 15-minutes before the start of the session. The technical host also ensures co-host responsibilities are correctly distributed.)

(The backup is present in case the technical host gets cut off and will then take over their role.)

In the 15 minutes before the start of the session, the chair should get acquainted with the speakers and (assisted by the technical host) check in turn that every speaker is able to share their screen and present their talk in the way they intend. The chair should also agree with the speakers whether and how time warnings should be given, and how speakers would like questions; e.g., whether interruptions during the talk are desired or not. For such choices, it is right to leave the final decision to chairs and speakers. Nevertheless, it may be the case that for contributed talks it is better to leave questions to the end, whereas for invited talks (which are longer) it is more appropriate to allow the audience to interrupt with questions if the speaker is happy with this. In the case of Ackermann Award talks, even though they are also long talks, they are arguably more symbolic, and so perhaps questions are better left to the end.

The audience will be muted during talks. (The technical host will ensure that the speaker is a cohost and hence able to talk.) The chair should monitor the “chat” and “participants” list. Audience members can submit questions over the “chat”, or raise their hands (which promotes them to near the top of the participant list) . An audience member will have to be given permission to unmute (via the participant list) to ask a question. They should then be again muted after the question.

As chair, please try to have at least one question on the talk ready yourself in case there are no audience questions. (If there are audience questions, the audience should get priority.)

Please try to ensure that talks stay on schedule and that the timetable is followed. In particular, in the case that a talk finishes early, please wait to start the following talk at the correct start time (to cater for people who will join the session particularly to see that talk).

At the end of the session, please remind the speakers and the audience to attend the “Speakers’ corners” in the CSL 2022 social space on WorkAdventure.